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Full IT Services Provided

The facilities at Hone’s Business Park includes a full range of IT services under one roof. Our dedicated on-site partner Addcom-IT can provide bespoke IT set up & support for any needs that may arise to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Every office is provided with their own FTTC internet connection of speeds up to 80mb download and 20mb upload.  The internet connection is shared (clients internet traffic has been securely separated from any other tenant).  We can also supply a dedicated BT connection and router, VPN connection and fixed IP at additional cost for those who have specific security requirements or who require high dedicated bandwidth.

Your own personal wifi is also provided for each office along with a number of network ports which can be used to securely network your devices. Each office has the option to have their own guest wifi access so you can allow your visitors access to the internet without compromising the security of your devices from within your own office. Each office is also supplied with a separate broadband for voip traffic. 

Contact us for pricing on Addcom-IT’s bespoke, cost effective services.

Full Range of Services

Supported On-site

Full Range of Telecoms Services

The facilities at Hone’s Business Park includes a full range of bespoke telecoms services to our tenants through our dedicated on-site partner P2C Communications.

The Business Park offers internet connectivity direct to your office suite, along with a hosted voice solution, which runs over its own dedicated connection for voice. This enables your business to be up and working from day one, with no waiting for connectivity or telephone lines to be installed.

Hosted Voice is a server less phone solution, which is flexible and feature rich, therefore replacing the need for a traditional PBX telephone system and lines. This solution runs over the dedicated internet connection to our hosted platform in the cloud.

Tailored to your individual business needs; from a virtual telephone number to give you a local presence, to a full telephone solution with IP handsets. The call charges on this service are much lower than standard line services, which helps keep your costs to a minimum.

The solution offers many features as standard:-

  • Call Transfer between your handsets
  • Call Divert to another number
  • Voicemail to e-mail as wav. file
  • Chargeable features such as call recording and Auto Attendant

The hosted solution has many benefits:

  • Lower call tariffs
  • No additional telephone maintenance costs
  • Easy to add new users as and when required
  • Home & Remote Workers
  • Keep your existing number wherever you move to

Our hosted voice licences also include full helpdesk support Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 6pm, so there is always someone to assist should you have an issue.

Full Range of Services

Supported On-site

Modern Kitchens

Each building has a fully-fitted modern kitchen, for example, The Granary Business Centre has four kitchens over 3 floors.

We also have an on-site coffee shop to meet clients as well as our meeting room. The meeting room is free to use for our members.

We are within easy walking distance of local amenities, such as supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, however, if you wish to stay on-site for lunch, our kitchens provide all the equipment you will need for preparing lunch or snacks.

All the latest equipment

Free Access for Business Park Members

Open 24/7


We now have on-site electric car charging for our tenants and our Hone’s Business Park members.

In recent years, parking can be a high business expense with parking costs in towns rising.

The facilities at Hone’s Business Park includes a free allocated parking space per business suite and there is also free on-street parking around the business park, so you can keep your every day costs down.

We also have on-site parking for important visiting clients, meaning you can offer a convenient location for meetings in Surrey.

If you need to travel to a meeting, we have good road links to London and the A3, A31, M3 & M25. We are also located right next to Farnham train station, ideal for staff and clients who cannot or do not wish to drive.

Convenient Transport Links

Free Access for Business Park Members

Open 24/7

Facilities at Hone's Business Park
Reception Area

All of our buildings have small reception areas with the exception of, The Granary Business Centre, which is our largest building and has a very large reception/greeting area.

The large, ultra-modern reception area in The Granary Business Centre is open to all our residents and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is conveniently located next to our modern kitchen facilities & within close proximity to our 8-person meeting room.

The facilities at Hone’s Business Park have been thought about with the aim to provide everything a business needs from rented office space. We believe Farnham is an excellent place to work.

Open 24/7

Facilities at Hone's Business Park
Meeting Room

For bookings using our easy-to-use booking system, just search for your desired date & time and book online.

The meeting room, in our main building, The Granary Business Centre, is available to hire for Hone’s Business Park members and non-members.

Our business park is in a desirable location by Farnham Railway Station & with good road links to London and the A3, A31, M3 & M25.

We are within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants and local amenities.

Flexible Date and Time Usage

Open 24/7


P2C Communications give their review of Hone’s Business Park & why it’s great to work in Farnham.

Our facilities at Hone’s Business Park is aimed at providing everything a business needs from their rented office space. For availability of office space to rent in Farnham, please check our available office space page or use our contact page to make an enquiry.